The possibility of bin Laden's killing retaliatory terrorism and ...

What is happening what exactly at the Guantanamo base. 0 years Date of midnight, President Obama, such as the US military is the leader of the international terrorist organization al-Qaeda Husa The Mabinradin suspect killed in Pakistan, announced that it had secured the bodies. The following day, US intelligence authorities Who confirmed that the bodies to carry out DNA testing is bin Laden, his body by a ship of the US military Transported to the Arabian Sea north, it has been Suiso. From the US terrorist attacks of 00 years Date of about 2.0 years, the same terrorism Killing of the mastermind behind the bin Laden suspect is a historic achievement in the war on terror was prolonged heavy It became a cornerstone milestone. In the United States, until the day's impression is followed by a blessing and a sense of accomplishment mood, but gradually outlook There is a sense of recognition have also been intensified to concerns about. Therefore, al-Qaeda or the like as a major concern for the time being About the future of al-Qaeda, which lost its symbolic existence of possibilities and bin Laden of retaliation terrorism by I'll think about it.

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