Statement against the [Aegis] dispatched to the Indian Ocean

What is happening what exactly at the Guantanamo base. Month the government, [the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law] (hereinafter referred to as [terrorism Special Measures Law]) based on the basic plan of the helicopter equipped destroyers of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, which had been dispatched to the Indian Ocean since last month [Hiei] (reference amount of wastewater instead of 00t), to determine the dispatch of the Aegis system equipped destroyer [Kirishima] (reference wastewater 0t), today morning hour and minute, [Kirishima] has set sail towards the Indian Ocean. Dokan is, radar Coverage several hundred kilometers or more, 00 of target simultaneous detection capability, 0 target more simultaneous attack capability, is the Aegis system installed can with a maximum range 00 kilometers or more of the fleet air defense capability, as escort fleet flagship, full-scale It has a Do command and control capability. Aegis destroyers are mainly used in air defense aircraft carrier task force. [Terrorism Special Measures Law] is intended to [for international prevention of terrorism and eradication .

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