The al-Qaeda to counter the Islamic State [the shadow of ...

What is happening what exactly at the Guantanamo base. Islamic extremist organization [Islamic State] is to expand the force, amid increasing the number of young people of the believer, international armed organization al-Qaeda was entrusted to a man that is its destiny. The man, Pakistan warrior Ashimuumaru. By Zawahiri suspect is an al-Qaeda leaders nominated him to the top of the South Asia branch, which was newly established, are suddenly in the spotlight. Its identity, but has not been the most obvious, singled out to direct the al-Qaeda activity in the area leading to Myanmar from Afghanistan stood to him. In the video image that has been last week posted on the Internet, Zawahiri suspect called it [chiefs] of the new branch of the Umar. In the story from the armed forces and information sources, Umar is seen as a mid-0's, in ideology believer rather than a warrior, as intellectuals in the Islamic society of South Central Asia, also suggesting that was known as orator. According to one Mujahideen that they know personally the Umar, around Zawahiri suspect that before the al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed in US military raid in 2.

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