Terrorism and privacy

What is happening what exactly at the Guantanamo base. Chapter terrorism . Terrorism and the In order to achieve a political or social purpose, given the threat the government, to the civilian population or a part thereof, By use of force in illegal form against or contemplates the intimidating human or property is there. It is possible to organize the elements of terrorism and Hatsu from above. And terrorist activities, carry out the exercise of illegal and armed. The act is intended to threaten, or intimidate. Acts are backed by political or social purpose. . Examples of terrorism Terrorism of Japan Year Month Asama Sanso incident Custodian of members who are Asama Zhuang United Red Army with the communist ideology of the New Left organization of Japan Incident that barricaded the wife hostage. Criminals barricaded over also of long-term 0 days, police officers who And gave private person's dead, 0 or more people of the injured. Year Month Mitsubishi Heavy Industries bombing It is carried out overseas in the indiscriminate bombing by the left-wing terrorist group East Asia Anti-Japan Armed Front of Japan For Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, it has led to terrorism by the time bomb as [have invaded the economically Asia].

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