It can not be solved in a terrorist attack? Bombing of IS

What is happening what exactly at the Guantanamo base. Th year from 00 years the terrorist attacks of, also had occurred large-scale terrorism. Occurred in France of the incident was carried out the bombing of the scale that exceeds the conventional in northern Syria, an enlarged view of the United States and Russia military intervention. It is the reply of the air strikes and indiscriminate terrorism. Even compared to al-Qaeda that caused the terrorist attacks, IS (the so-called [Islamic State]) has a high extreme violence. While expanding the force to Syria from Iraq repeat the beheading of hostages, to blow up the Russian passenger plane, on top is that you run multiple raids in Paris this time, carried out also claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks in Paris also for the airliner bombing, unlike al-Qaeda It was. Western countries only Not safety of the people of Syria Iraq is the presence to take away. Unlike such as President George W. Bush of the terrorist attacks at the time, was cautious about President Obama, and French Hollande President initial military intervention.

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