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L👀k who we FOUND: Woah There Pickle

As part of the shop’s goings on we plan to feature a different artist, designer or maker each month. Our very first find for November is the all-round gorgeous person Vicky Day from Woah There Pickle.

Let’s say hello and learn a bit more about her!

Hi Vicky welcome to FOUND as our artist of the month for November!

Would you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! I’m Vicky and I have been printmaking for the last 10 years or so. I love all kinds of printmaking and do a bit of screen printing and letterpress but I started by doing linocuts. Mainly it was because it's very easy to do with a tiny kitchen table set up but I fell in love with it and pretty soon I had a big old stack of prints in my flat. I began selling them to make room for more and that’s where Woah there Pickle started.

What do you make, and why you make it?

I love linocut printmaking because it is constantly surprising. On the base of it, it could not be more simple. All you do is carve a design into lino, ink it up and print it to paper, but how ever long you've been doing it you still don't know how it’s going to look until you peel back the paper for the first print.

What are your inspirations? 

I’m always drawn to big bold outlines and bright colours. One of my greatest inspirations is Keith Haring whose work definitely features both of these things. I’m always blown away with how prolific he was with such a quick and confident way of working and also how making his work accessible and enjoyable for a wide audience was important. I try to make fun prints that by bring a little smile to everyone who sees it because that.

What is your favourite part of the process?

I do like getting inky but the carving can be really relaxing when you're not stabbing yourself with the tool and it's where the most character is achieved in your print. You have to learn to roll with your mistakes because you can’t put that bit you’ve accidentally cut out back in and exactly what the final print will turn out like is still a mystery at that point.

Do you have a particular ambition or dream?

I would love to set up a little studio with all of the kinds of printing! I would have a big clunky proofing press and cases of old wood and metal type right next to a Riso Press with fluoro inks. There would be screen printing and stuff for etching where I could get all darkly Tim Burton-y which is always how my etchings go when I’ve been let loose on it before. Basically, any tool that would let me get ink on paper, it would be there. Also, there will be a studio dog, that’s very important!

What makes you laugh?

Terrible terrible puns. They’re best when someone is saying them out loud and knows that they’re awful. That always makes me laugh out loud and is why I use so many puns on greeting cards.

Most importantly ...

What’s your favourite food and why?

I love seafood and I think its mainly because you’re most likely to eat good seafood when you’re on holiday. I have family in Spain so eat a lot of seafood when I’m there and I go to New Orleans as often as I can so I eat all of the shrimp and crayfish I can get my hands on when I’m there. Let me know if you need a recommendations for where to get the best fried shrimp Po’Boy!

Thanks so much Vicky!

Come and visit the shop to see her work, and also go give her a follow at instagram.com/woah_there_pickle 💛