L👀k who we FOUND: Faye Moorhouse

We are very excited to have an array of original paintings and drawings by Faye Moorhouse with her exhibition Fierce Horse. Fierce Dog, throughout February. You can also find a selection of prints, cards and zines. AND... from Tuesday 11th we'll be joined by One Bum Cinema, a one-person cinema experience in a shed, showing a series of Faye's animations. This is definitely a must-see!

Let's meet the artist...

Hi Faye, thank you for being our artist of the month for February! We'd love to find out a bit more about you and your art!

Your work has a very strong identity, a real immediacy and energy. Have you always worked in this style, and if not how do you think it developed?

My way of drawing has always been very loose and messy, so I’d say my work has always had the same feeling and I’ve always been drawn to dark/ funny subject matter. But it’s definitely developed over the years and I think it will continue to do so until I stop drawing, I hope so anyway, otherwise things might get boring!

Where do you create your artwork? Can you talk us through your process?

I work from my home studio, which is just a nice, big, bright room in my house. I love working from home, it definitely doesn’t suit everyone but I’m such a hermit and working around other people really impacts my work. My process is very immediate, I’m lucky that a lot of my work is self initiated so I rarely make roughs or plan anything out, I just start making and see what happens. 

What's your favourite medium to work in?

Anything that’s ready mixed and in a pot! I love to be able to dunk in my brush and start painting.

Your card and print designs often teeter on the edge of being rude, and provoke many giggles from our customers. Has anyone ever been offended?

Yes! I once had a card and print design illustrating a well known phrase about the Popes bowel movements. One person complained about it so I stopped making it. 

For you, what could trigger an idea for a painting or drawing?

Something I see on a walk, something annoying my dog does, something I overhear someone saying. Anything really!

What would be your dream project or commission?

I've been saying it for years but I would love to have one of my picture book ideas published. Maybe if I keep saying it, it will eventually happen!?

It feels like your art bridges art and illustration. Do you consider yourself an artist or an illustrator, and do you think that matters so much these days? Is there still a snootiness in the art world about illustration?

I always struggle with this one. I don't feel pro enough to think of myself as a proper artist. I always say artist and illustrator. But in reality I am probably more of an artist because most of my income is from self initiated work I’ve made (mainly original paintings and drawings) rather than commissioned illustration jobs. 

Your show Fierce Horse. Fierce Dog is amazing and pretty bonkers.

What led you to this project? Is there a story behind these scenes?

My dog is pretty challenging to live with, and I often have nightmares about him causing various kinds of destruction and terror. So I think it may have come from that!

And finally, congratulations on the impending baby arrival! Thank you so much for bringing us your show and drawing on the window at 8 months pregnant. You're a star!

Thanks so much for having me and my work!! :) 


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